Our Mission

Consultants in the development aid business spend a lot of time writing proposals. Much of this time is spent on repetitive tasks: Updating and formatting curriculum vitae (CVs) and summaries of relevant project summary experience. CVs and project summaries are critically important.

The composition of the team, and the relevance of a company's experience may be worth as much as 80% of the technical scoring.

myDevData makes it easier for consultants to focus on substance instead of format. Subscribers have their own personalized database of projects. The database can be used to quickly create highly customized CVs or project summaries in a range of standardized templates required by the World Bank, Asian Development Bank, and other multi-lateral lending banks or donors.

Who we are

myDevData is a proposal productivity tool for consultants in the development aid business. The software was designed by consultants with decades of experience working with the multilateral lending banks (World Bank, Asian Development Bank, African Development Bank, and Inter-American Development Bank) and bilateral donors (USAID, MCC, DfID, GIZ, AUSAID and others).